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Ethos & Guidelines

The intention of the Ethos & Guidelines is to promote harmony within and across the groups. This is the ground we stand on and the foundation upon which we build all our connections within the space.

Please read these carefully and with presence. 



  • Create a bridge between local and international women.

  • Build a network of women who thrive economically, emotionally and professionally through the community.

  • Self-awareness of our privilege, our positions of power, and our impact.

When sisters gather, we:

  • Think before we speak, notice what motivates our words.

  • Elevate and celebrate each other.

  • Share insights.

  • Inform each other about places, experiences & products that we trust.

  • Collaborate & support each other.

  • Are cognizant of the dynamics of intersectionality.

We value:

  • Transparency, trust, and openness.

  • Projects, initiatives, & people driven to impact the world.

  • Tasteful content & meaningful conversations.

  • Thoughtful, spontaneous participation.

  • Integrity and radical authenticity.

  • Radical inclusion and awareness of systemic oppression.


We don’t welcome:

  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other hateful language.

  • Bad-mouthing anything or anyone.

  • Messaging members privately advertising and selling work.

  • Posting a brand/contact/event without verifying its quality and providing relevant context.

  • Spamming and repeating the same post multiple times for solely promotion purposes.


In the era of over-information and algorithms, creating a trustworthy space to navigate contradiction with care is vital. While our community doesn't require unanimous agreement, it values healthy disagreement, recognising the beauty and diversity of our world, and ensuring everyone's ability to thrive.


  • When leaving the city, leave the group so you can give space to another sister.

  • Please give the previous post some time before you post yourself. Give other Hermanas time to shine.


  • Please avoid joining all the groups to post advertising of your business across the platforms.

  • Post once, in one specific group to promote your business.

  • When you make a post that involves more than one picture, please make a pdf.


  • Before asking a question that has been repeated numerous times, please use the SEARCH tab on the main page of this group where you can enter keywords; dentist, emotions, organic food, palo santo, spa, therapy, restaurant, party, yoga etc.

  • Please invite other Hermanas to the groups with full confidence that their profiles fit the community, and share these guidelines with every woman you invite to the group.


  • This is a space where trust prevails. Please always take care of our sisters' homes, pay for agreed services and treat everyone and their space with the greatest respect.

  • If you invite someone to the group, please share these guidelines with them so we can begin from an aligned place.


DISCLAIMER - By using the Hermanas community space, you acknowledge and agree that Hermanas is not responsible for any direct or indirect consequences resulting from your interactions with other community members. Any actions or statements made by members are solely their own responsibility, and Hermanas will not be held liable for any resulting damages, loss or disputes. 

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