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At the crossroads of culture and impact, our purpose is to connect inspirational women and projects globally. We embrace multitudes, treasure our differences, celebrate individuality and creativity. We elevate unique voices. We dare to shape our vision of the world - unapologetically. Hermanas move conversations forward, informing and aspiring within and beyond our community. Our individual contributions feed into the collective, propelling our movement forward.


Hermanas was conceived with a sincere intention: to foster supportive dialogues amongst women - locally and globally. The common thread? Respect, trust, and the sharing of reliable resources.

It all began on a beach in Mexico. A group of 7 friends, one WhatsApp group to connect and collaborate on various aspects of life. Organically, through word-of-mouth and a lot of love, the Hermanas community blossomed to 15,000 women across 5 continents.

Together, we've become an unbreakable network of support - an ecosystem for personal, professional and cultural growth.


"We are made from what came before, we make ourselves out of the promises that lie ahead. We are always in the process of becoming."

Jacqueline Novogratz - founder and CEO of Acumen. 


Fostering connections and synergies across borders, cultures, industries and generations, we are creating a nurturing environment where women can flourish both collectively and individually.


Growing a global Ecosystem in collaboration with projects that challenge the status quo, foster innovation, cultural development, social progress, environmental sustainability and mindful consumption.


The local and the global are intertwined. Our impact program is a bridge between the two. Its intention is to share the stories and elevate the profiles of those working on systemic issues and connect them with our global community.


As part of our global expansion, we're looking for extraordinary women interested in building and nurturing local communities around the world. 


Hermanas is a proud female-led and female-backed company, endorsed by a constellation of inspiring women from diverse backgrounds and expertise. Our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who contribute your energy and wisdom to our collective vision.


We have roots in many places and connect with each other in ways that are grounded in curiosity, trust, and respect. We actively elevate each other and understand the importance of sisterhood, diversity, and reciprocity.

Catalysts of change who connect with something larger than ourselves. Hermanas willing to give and receive support on various aspects of life—practical, emotional, spiritual, professional and transactional.

Those who resonate are invited to join our movement.

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