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The new horizon of Hermanas is here.



We are living our future right now.

As women worldwide, we know that the path of beauty and integrity is not always easy.

The process of growth, as a collective and a company, is also a path of struggle and darkness, as well as success and strength. The impact you and we have been creating together so far is radical and vital. Our method is and always has been, elevation and celebration of individuality, creativity, artistry. Passionately.

And our journey of maturity is a reflection of yours. As we take on the next step, we ask that you are prepared - and present with us.



We are officially breaking free from the limits of WhatsApp.

Elevating to an independent platform to empower us all - in ways beyond anything WhatsApp ever could.

Born in a uniquely tailored platform that uses technology intentionally, to evolve the global opportunities and real-life functions that have always made this movement so special.


Today and since the start, Hermanas is powered by you, your input, your voices.

Where we stand now is astounding, considering how humble this journey began; grown from a passionate group of women on a beach in Mexico, now thriving as a worldwide movement of empowerment.

Now a dedicated HQ team exists in service to you, alongside community ambassadors, local partners, events, initiatives…



The Mycelium is the refined version of Hermanas. It is the ecosystem of women who truly shape our movement.

The Mycelium is a place to collaborate, connect, co-create, highlight your projects, initiatives, opportunities, exchanges.

It unlocks the full potential of Hermanas’ vision and our positive and powerful impact - globally, socially, individually, and collectively.



The mission we have devoted over 5 years to bringing to life rests on reciprocity.

To sustain this grassroots progression, and to evolve into the Mycelium, our intention is to charge what can be accessible to as many as possible. A membership of 150 usd per year (which is 12.5 usd per month) that provides a value beyond financial.

Investing in the Mycelium gains you access to these advantages - and acts as a testament to your belief in our mission.


To nurture growth is what we do and what we are about: personally, professionally and globally.

Our vision is and always has been, to inspire and reflect the uprising of women. As we refine and evolve alongside you, we are so proud and excited to reveal the Mycelium as the current height of this collective mission.

And beyond the Mycelium as it is now, la crème de la crème launches very soon : next year we reveal the evolved & eagerly-anticipated Hermanas app.

We are genuinely passionate about this vision and here in service to you as the collective.

In love and revolution,

Dragana & Léa

Hermanas Evolution

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