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The Meaning & Value of Founding Membership



You have a tangible role : shaping our evolution

By getting to know you, digitally and in person, we define what is meaningful and exciting for the entire Hermanas community.

By observing your talents, interests, desires, cultural backgrounds, gifts & unconventionalities, we understand better how to provide value for women at a global scale.

By listening to your feedback and insights, we refine our platforms and offering.


You hold exclusive benefits : showing our gratitude

  • Unlimited access to all the Mycelium benefits (present and future)

  • First to experience the app (coming soon)

  • Participate in workshops (optional)

  • Lifetime membership (vs. renewed annually)


Activists raising their voice with grace.

Artists inspiring freedom of expression.

Entrepreneurs believing in a better tomorrow.

Healers & mothers caring for others

Women not afraid to challenge the conventional, to create, to lead.

Sisters partnering up with each other.


Our invitation to become a Founding Member is for you to embody our shared purpose, to make Hermanas as beautiful and impactful as possible.

After onboarding the last 100 Founding Members, the cost of the membership will increase and will need to be renewed annually.

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