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The wonder of next, a gratitude letter.

Dragana & Léa, Hermanas co-founders

We’re filled with gratitude as we reflect on the evolution of our incredibly diverse community. From seven women to thousands of you, from a single city to multiple destinations in more than 50 countries, from wondering who you’d be to being in awe of you.


Founding members, we’re thrilled to know you and can’t wait to see you in action, shaping our vision.

In the era of mass impersonal platforms, where ads are relentless and content should be more honest, we want to cut through the noise and offer what we, ourselves, have been looking for.

We see your challenges because we’ve faced them and we’ve birthed Hermanas to give you the strong community and personalized tools that matter most. Whether through curated connections, game-changer resources, the perfect home away from home, or that class you were desperately looking for –you’re not alone, and you’re set up for thriving anywhere you go.

The wonder of next

So far we’ve enjoyed meeting, chatting, collaborating, and dreaming with many of you and are beyond excited to meet the women who are yet to join. As co-founders, along with our passionate team, dear advisors and investors, we’ve poured our love into building something that genuinely honors this incredible community.

As promised,

you have a say in every step of the way.

Based on continuous and quite enjoyable convos with members, here’s what’s coming:

  • Improved platforms: we’re harnessing the tech that best supports our collective vision and potential. We’re working hard to make everything easier and faster while prioritizing the Hermanas’ way —that you already love.

  • Expanded offerings: events, events, events. Our imagination is running wild and we can’t wait to show you the new partnerships we’re brewing and most importantly, the member benefits involved.

  • An all-star team: we’re bringing in more talents every week and can’t help but smile watching our all-women’s team evolve. Welcome, girls!

  • Partnerships with brands that share our values and ethos: we strive to offer only the best curation across industries, always thinking of the quality and exquisite taste of our community.

  • Hermanas worldwide: there’s no such thing as too many destinations and we’re absolutely loving our new ones. A sisterhood anywhere you go, our dream from day one.

To our ever-inspiring members, thank you for boosting our commitment with your presence. We couldn’t be more proud and ready to serve you in beautiful ways.

If you haven’t applied yet:

Endless thank you’s,

Dragana & Léa



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