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Babe Blue

Babe Blue is a project based in Mexico City focused on sexual wellness and cannabis. They provide high-quality products like lubricants, suppositories, and tinctures with CBD while at the same time sharing education about the benefits of cannabis for a healthy sex life.


Q: What are topics you cover within your organization?

A: We cover sexual education and education about how to use cannabis in a responsible and healthy way. We also produce high quality products to empower pleasure and conscious experimentation. Finally, we do research about the eendocannabinoid system and how it is related to sexual and reproductive health, specially in women’s health.

Q: Tell us a bit about you and your journey

A: My name is Mariela, I grew up in Mexico City and I was lucky to grow up next to Huerto Roma Verde, a project focused on socio-environmental well-being, culture, ecology and community. Growing up in a space like this gave me, from an early age, the sensitivity to connect with plants and their medicinal uses, it also gave me an understanding of the need to care for the land and the importance of community.

As a midwife and herbalist, I started doing research about the medicinal benefits of cannabis in women’s sexual and reproductive health. So, in 2021 I started Babe Blue, a project focused on education, products for female pleasure, and community building.

Q: What are the principles that your organization stands for and why?

A: We value community and are against discrimination, homophobia, racism and toxic masculinity.

We fight for the legalization of orgasms, because we deserve it. We fight for the legalization of cannabis, it is an ancient medicine, not a drug. We fight for an open spaces to share ideas and ask for help. We fight for the right to access reliable information about sex and cannabis. We fight for equality because pleasure is not a privilege, it’s a right. We fight for a society free of stigmas and myths.

We fight for a c

ommunity that welcomes everyone and does not discriminate against anyone. We fight for our mother earth. We fight big corporations and agrochemicals.

Our commitment is to create products that are safe, infused only with organic and tested CBD. We are trying to collaborate with other projects, organizations and farmers to create a network of people who share the same values.

Q: Tell me about any success stories, do you have a particular story to share that is special somehow?

A: We've had many successful stories. Specially from women sharing their stories on how Babe Blue allowed them to have a more pleasurable and pain free experience.

Q: If you could describe your vision for your business in one word what would it be?

A: Pleasure.

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