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Living Poetry Writing Retreat

This is a retreat for your soul. For the writer in you. For your sensual essence. For the one within who needs peaceful, cozy moments to survive in a high-stimulus world, and then to thrive in the essence of receiving. If you are learning to live in your feminine nature, this retreat is for you.


Wellness & Well-Being


Costa Rica

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Wellspringwords is a literary anthology and creative enrichment studio, enhancing the holistic wellbeing of women of color, first, through intuitive writing, storytelling, creative embodiment, and authentic expression. The Living Poetry Writing retreat is a portal to a home space within, where we will experience ourselves as poetic beings. We will live slowly and sensually, savoring the pleasures and feelings of life through intimate moments with our words, with ourselves, and with each other. We will create and embody poetry to remember our essential nature, and bring more wetness and authentic vitality into life. During this retreat, we will learn how to cultivate authentic inner vocabulary with the language of the mind and of the body.

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