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The Copal Method combines Business Strategy with Inner Work/Embodiment

Ana Maria is taking her 20 years of experience with global companies including Uber to personally guide bold visionaires to success using world-class proven methods


Innovation & Entrepreneurship



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Copal Will Help You…

Build your business fundamentals with proven strategies so you create a sustainable business

Exponentially increase your sales by effectively positioning high-converting offers

Skyrocket your profits by getting boldly clear on how your business actually makes money. No more wasting time & energy wishing for profits unprofitable revenue streams

Build effective content & marketing that grows your business — without overwhelming you or burning you out.

Inspire your customers to connect with what you offer & buy using marketing strategies that truly align with your values and are heart-centered.

Release the blocks (perfectionism, imposter syndrome, gripping control, financial scarcity) preventing you from making real breakthroughs

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