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Women's Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher


Wellness & Well-Being


Mexico, Sweden

Guiding women toward alignment, fulfillment, and authenticity has become my calling. Rooted in an entrepreneurial spirit from my early teens, I ventured into business, from selling hot dogs at 13 to launching my own underwear brand at 17. Raised in a nurturing environment—my mother, a therapist, and my father, a health professional—my deep interest in health and personal growth was inevitable.

But before that, I spent my 20s in London's fashion industry. The quick-paced, glamorous lifestyle eventually led to burnout and an eating disorder. Yoga became my sanctuary, inspiring me to become a teacher in Aruba and later Costa Rica. Teaching yoga in Mexico's jungle and studying holistic health deepened my passion. Presently based in CDMX, I guide women to meaningful and thriving lives through my 6-month coaching program, workshops, yoga classes, and transformative retreats globally.

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I walk my own path and always have. I appreciate diverse viewpoints, seek to understand others' experiences, and actively engage with various cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles to broaden my understanding and promote inclusivity.

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