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United Arab Emirates, Germany

Vera Futorjanski, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, VC Fund LP in Africa, and acclaimed international speaker, founded Beyond to empower women globally. With a decade in tech, she recognized the hurdles female leaders face. Beyond fosters a curated community where accomplished women from diverse backgrounds connect, grow, and make an impact together.

Vera's extensive background includes roles at 500Global and the Dubai Future Foundation. She co-founded a Rocket Internet startup in the UAE and worked in the European Union. Interestingly, she was once a professional Argentine Tango dancer, and her worldly journey spans 10 countries and 5 languages.

Beyond her entrepreneurial ventures, Vera actively engages with influential organizations. She contributes to the World Economic Forum's Expert Group on Digital Platforms, serves as an Innovation Expert at the UN, and is a Responsible Leader at the BMW Foundation. Vera advises the IBM accelerator and mentors entrepreneurs globally through accelerators like Techstars, Respond, and e7.

Crucially, Vera is a dedicated advocate for women's empowerment. Her mission bridges Western and Global South perspectives, promoting connection, community, and belonging while dispelling fear of otherness.

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So many times... one that comes to mind first was when I left behind the obligation to study law and moved to Buenos Aires to become a professional Tango dancer.

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