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Valeria Valentina

I am a poet, an author, an entrepreneur, a yogi and an authentic embodiment coach.


Wellness & Well-Being


United States,

Hola, soy Valeria Valentina. I am a poet, a yogi, an author, a visionary, and a lover. A lover, of life. Of him, of I. Of you, of all.
I am a lover here to spread the compassion and heart-centered gratitude that I've cultivated throughout my journey through different modalities that continue to weave together, forming this beautiful tapestry that I am so grateful to call my career.

I am honored to come from a powerful lineage of Venezuelan women. Dating back to my great-grandmother who was a curandera; she gifted us the magic that has coursed through our lineage. This energy is the one that raised me into the soft-hearted, valiant woman whom I continue to become every day.

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here is an excerpt of a poem of mine that shares my view and value of diversity:

the only way for nature to survive is through diversity

we see bodies of water
how the lake could not resemble the sea
how the rivers sometimes turn into streams
we see our land
how the grass sways and the hay celebrates
how the snake slithers and the bird flies
how the deer runs and the wombat hides
how every creation comes together in harmonious symphony
while pachamama whispers oh so sweet
“through diversity you thrive
through diversity you live
no two bodies are alike
this is the way nature lives.


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