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Marketing, Communications and Brand Strategy Executive. Thrift-Stylist on the side.




Spain, United States

Hi, I'm Trish! I use she/her pronouns. I'm a mixed Black, queer woman in my mid-30's. I currently live in Madrid. I'm very into nature, food, fashion, art and wellness. I love to travel and relocated to Spain in search of a more gentle and joyful life in early 2024 after living in New York City for the past decade.

Professionally, I do marketing, events, communications & brand strategy. I'm most passionate about work that centers on diversity, equity & inclusion, organizational culture, employee engagement, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

I’m also a eco-conscious stylist and personal shopper. I love to utilize secondhand clothing, accessories and home decor to help my clients and friends live more sustainably and express themselves while feeling comfortable and confident.

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I have layers of diversity within myself being a woman, a Black person and queer so to me, a part of embracing diversity is authentically embracing who I am and actively participating and advocating for my communities. I also try to live with an open heart and open mind and believe it's important to listen and act respectfully towards others. I do my best to remain curious and embrace differences while continually seeking out opportunities to learn and grow. I've also worked professionally in the DEI space for several years.

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How do you think you can contribute to the community? What do you feel you are an expert in and could give advice to the community on? Would you like to mentor in any area of expertise?
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