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I own a global design firm, I story tell the journey of design.


Art & Culture


Indonesia, Australia

A design enthusiast born and raised in Sweden, I've embarked on a global journey, exploring diverse cultural landscapes while honing my skills in interior architecture. Leveraging my background in interior architecture studies, I've nurtured Sublime Studios for 8 years, crafting a diverse portfolio of projects worldwide. Specializing in multidisciplinary design, including creative direction, interior, furniture, lighting, and immersive art installations, I excel in client relations, creative and art direction, and furniture design. My design philosophy harmonizes industrial, natural, and locally-sourced materials with experimental lighting and immersive elements, resulting in contemporary yet culturally-inspired aesthetics showcased in projects spanning NYC, Australia wide, Tulum Mexico, Spain (Ibiza, Marbella), and Mykonos.

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With an open mind, I dont know what I dont know.

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