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Wellness & Well-Being


Mexico, United States

I am an Embodied Leadership practitioner. I facilitate coaching and training that consists of group & one-on-one coaching, trauma-informed training, somatic healing, business and relationship mentorship, social justice, and community-building. I work with leaders on the frontlines of systemic change to empower a resilient and equitable future through connecting to our bodies. Prior to working in transformational leadership, I worked as a documentary filmmaker and founded Told by Shift, a 100% women-owned and HUB-certified strategic storytelling agency that specializes in video production for Fortune 500 companies, growing startups, and small businesses. I am looking to connect with women who are committed to elevating their relationship to self and others through business, travel, food, and creativity.

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In 2022, I chose to leave the business I had built for six years. I had grown it to over $1M in revenue, but maintaining the company was draining my life force. In 2020, I began the messy process of stepping away. I moved to Mexico City, began to train as a professional coach, and began a series of deep healing work that I continue to practice today. The impact of my decision to leave something safe and terrible for something risky and possibly beautiful is that today I have deeper connection to my body, my relationships with my friends and family are rich and connected like never before, and every day, I get to create from a place of love and vision instead of fear and scarcity.

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