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Curator + Sexual Culturalist + Author


Anthropology & History


Portugal, United Kingdom

With a portfolio career, as a curator + author + sexual culturalist, my profound curiosity in the human animal is rooted in my background in Anthropology. With a focus on gender, my interests have brought me everywhere from archaeological sites in Mexico, the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii, a think tank in Venezuela, as well as chapters at cultural institutions such as El Museo del Barrio (NYC), Kindred Studios (London), and the truly unique Museum of Sex (NYC), where I served as Curator for more than a decade. My first book and memoir, "Sex in the Museum" charts not only the more than 20 exhibitions I curated, but also the personal side of working in the field of sexuality. I am currently writing my second book, "Mama Sex," an anthropological look at motherhood and sexuality.

I'm based in Portugal, but London, New York and Flagstaff, Arizona have been previous hometowns.

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In many ways it feels like my whole life has been about inhabiting the unconventional. As a little girl with mixed heritage (my dad's family is Mexican, my mother's family is Eastern European), I always existed on the liminal edges of identity. Betwixt and between has been my north star. This feeling led me to anthropology, a methodology of understanding myself and the diverse wide world better. Later, my work in sexuality pushed many conventional boundaries and I continue to push society's taboos with my work on motherhood and sexuality. 

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