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Portugal, Mexico

Rebecca Williams helps purpose-driven overachievers and mission-driven organizations communicate better so they can change the world with their ideas. She has served as a communications and public speaking coach at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and has trained professionals and coached teams at organizations including Google, Meta, and Netflix. Since 2020, Rebecca has offered a women's group coaching program called the Art of Communication where she teaches women how to communicate for impact so they can get raises, promotions, and be more visible in their careers. Rebecca is passionate about delivering bespoke in-person learning experiences that inspire even the most introverted to communicate with confidence.
The daughter of an opera director, Rebecca grew up immersed in the art of capturing and holding attention. She has experimented on stages as a professional dancer, singer, and actor, and has recently started writing plays to satiate her drive to create memorable theater. During her 20 years in San Francisco, Rebecca co-created innumerable dinner theater, performance art, and other theatrical experiences with friends including Malaise Airways™, where passengers are invited to take a one-way trip to the Afterlife.
Rebecca has lived and worked all over the world (Texas, Germany, Japan, Australia, Nepal, Spain) and currently splits her time between Lisbon and Mexico City. She's passionate about culture, the arts, eating great food, learning languages, exploring festivals, and better living through chemistry.

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In the late 90s, I went to go live in Japan to teach English. I was craving adventure and an experience that would give me a broader perspective on the world.

My experience in Japan made me a citizen of the world and taught me the value of patience when I don't understand something. I spent three years teaching English in the public schools in a remote town in Hokkaido. I was the only non-Japanese person living in that town. Because of that, I learned to speak Japanese well (level 2 proficiency - level one is near native proficiency).

My time in Japan also developed my aesthetic sense. For 6 months I trained with an indigo master in Tokushima. This was one of the most challenging things I had ever done because as a student in Japan you have to operate with extreme humility and deference toward the teacher and the craft. I had to learn how to slow down and be quiet.

More than 20 years later I am still grateful for the lessons I learned in Japan and I consistently bring these teachings into my own work.

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