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I'm a motion designer, artist, and illustrator. I also facilitate shamanic workshops.




Portugal, Mexico

I'm Nayeli, a Mexican-born artist, designer, and animator, who draws inspiration from my deep love for animals, nature, and earth-centered practices. With over 12 years of experience in design, animation, and illustration, I have collaborated with clients including MTV, Google, NBC, The Atlantic, The Guardian, Cartier, MPC, Havas, and Ogilvy. My artwork has been showcased in galleries in Brooklyn and New York. Delving deeper into my connection with animals, I pursued Animal Communication courses and earned a certification as a Shamanic Practitioner. This journey inspired my Shamanic Power Animal project, where I merge my love for animals, spirituality, and art. I’ve felt a strong calling to share my skills and knowledge by facilitating group workshops, offering individual sessions, and illustrating people's Power Animals. My intention is to inspire gratitude and respect for MotherNature

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Embracing diversity unconventionally is deeply ingrained in my approach to life and work. As a Mexican-born artist with a Mexican father and an American mother, I became accustomed to navigating different cultures from a young age. Having grown up in various countries, lived in New York, and now based in Portugal, I continue to integrate these experiences into my daily life, inspiring my creative projects and holistically enriching my artwork

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