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I am a yoga teacher, constellator, and embodiment coach. I empower transformation.


Personal Growth



My name is Micaela, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, under the sign of Leo. I am a mother of 2 teenage boys and live my life with a great man side by side. We built our home base in Ibiza. I am part of a big and loving family with many cultural backgrounds, a mixture of bloodlines of Quechua, Spanish, and Jewish origins. I embrace every part of me with immense love, and from there, I mix my own cocktail. In my former life, I was an art director in advertising. After an awakening, I challenged myself by changing my life completely. Today, I am an E-RYT500 certified yoga teacher, mainly a trainer for yoga teachers. My main subject is Prana Vidya. I facilitate family and systemic constellations, and I am an embodiment coach as well. I hold advanced yoga trainings as well as my signature retreat in Ibiza. I created my own brand: LumicaSoul.

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My whole existence has been about diversity and unconventionality. Since my younger years, my parents have moved many times from our homeland to other countries and places, so I have always lived an unconventional life and learned to be open to different cultures. Today, my own family is "international,” and we live a very unconventional life in Ibiza. I feel that the most beautiful feeling is one of embracing the unknown and making it yours, conquering it with curiosity and respect. I am aware that inclusivity is the path to freedom and true fulfillment: saying yes to life fully and unconditionally.

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