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I empower women to step in their power through the path of body and eros.


Wellness & Well-Being



I'm a Tao-tantric feminine facilitator with focus on womb healing, cyclical living, embodied intimacy, and sacred sexuality.

I'm committed to breaking taboos around menstrual blood, sexual shame, female body, pleasure, and power. I'm dedicated to women’s healing and transformation through the path of body and eros empowering women to live extraordinary lives filled with love, creativity, pleasure, and authenticity.

I've been drawing from lineages of Tantra, Taoism, Hatha & Womb yoga, Eastern bodywork, and Cyclical wisdom of the menstrual cycle. I'm a creator of online programs for women “Womb initiation journey” and “Yoni egg mysteries.

I envision a world where both women and men step into authentic adulthood through initiation rituals and live in harmony with our inner inner and outer nature, co-creating a new paradigm on planet Earth.

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I celebrate diversity and embrace our differences. I truly believe that we all have unique gifts and qualities and it's our responsibility to bring them to each other and contribute to creating the new earth and shifting paradigms. I feel passionate about empowering women to step in the feminine power and become embodied creators and leaders centered in the heart and womb.

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