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I am a quantum coach and consultant, I help conscious entrepreneurs and creatives.




Mexico, United Kingdom

I’m Julieta, a self-projected projector 3/5; in case you don’t know what 3/5 means in Human Design, let’s simply say I have changed careers like I change my underwear. My experiences are rooted in marketing, communications, fashion, production, editorial, music, art, and wellness. Originally from Bs. As., my journey began with a deep dive into these industries, followed by immersive experiences in London’s cultural scene. Despite the challenges, I thrived on the energy of collaboration and the relentless pursuit of authenticity. London offered a new chapter, where I explored the healing power of music, falling in love with music in new elevated hi-fi ways. Transitioning into my thirties, I embarked on a soul-searching journey that led me to Mexico, where ancient wisdom and Mayan elders ignited my passion for merging the quantum with the creative. Here I founded Zep Tepi Consulting.

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I don’t consider myself a dogmatic person, to me Truth has many faces and I feel curious about understanding the infinite angles life in itself can provide with. In my coaching and consulting practice at Zep Tepi, I actively seek out clients who embody diversity in their experiences, ideas, and goals. I recognize that creativity flourishes in environments where a multitude of voices are heard and valued. I create a space where individuals feel empowered to express themselves authentically and explore unconventional paths to success. Whether it’s integrating aspects of their cultural heritage into their creative projects or challenging industry norms to carve out new opportunities, I guide them in embracing their individuality as a catalyst for transformation, while remembering the interconnectedness (quantum entanglement) of all beings.

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