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Jess X

Trauma coach in childhood abuse. I help high achievers to overcome their past.


Mental Health


Australia, Japan

I help burnt out, heart-centered high achievers all over the world to overcome the impacts of childhood abuse. I do this by empowering them to release their anger, shame and grief to reduce their anxiety drug-free.

What has led to my spiritual path was from my traumatic upbringing of domestic violence, sexual abuse, humiliation and bullying and coming out of it the other side with a deep gratitude for life.

I run an international holistic trauma recovery practice for 8 years, serving 1000+ clients, featured in epic mental health podcasts and publications worldwide. I have successfully rebuilt functional and healthy relationships with my traumatised mother and estranged brother (which I never thought would be possible!).

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I embrace diversity by using curiousity and compassion to understand where the other person is coming from and how they came to be who they are now.

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