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I'm a healing & guidance practitioner that ignites inner fire and transformation.


Wellness & Well-Being


United Kingdom, France

I'm a certified Reiki & Crystal Bowls practitioner, Psychic Medium and the founder of House of Jiriki. My mission is to help you, in a gracious way, to transform, surrender, trust the flow, be yourself and live your best life. For that, I use different modalities such as energy and sound healing, mediumship, tarot and the Akashic Records.

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Embracing diversity and unconventionality lies at the core of my ethos and practice. As a French woman rooted in the vibrant city of London, I have come to understand the richness that comes from embracing different cultures, perspectives, and ways of being. In my journey as an intuitive guide and healer, and founder of House of Jiriki, diversity is a guiding light.

In my work, I encounter people from various backgrounds, belief systems, and walks of life. I celebrate this diversity as it fosters an environment of inclusivity, where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Whether my clients come seeking healing, guidance, or self-discovery, I meet them with an open heart and a willingness to honour their unique journey.

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