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I am a creative consultant. I add creative value for well-being businesses.


Wellness & Well-Being


United Arab Emirates

Fidan is a creative with an entrepreneurial flair and a free-spirited nature. Fascinated by the intersection of creativity, mindfulness, and business, she’s enthusiastic about enriching impact-led businesses through strategy, comms and experience curation. She also cares deeply about financial well-being and moonlights as a Behavioural Money Coach, offering 1-1 sessions and group workshops.

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Through friendships, in the way I live my life and in the city I call home, Dubai. My friends represent diverse thinking, ways of life and also cultures. I choose to live my life unconventionally, unsubscribing from social norms that I've inherited from my culture and upbringing, and the place I call home is hugely diverse. Something I understood is a non-negotiable for me!

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