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I am a leadership coach, breathwork facilitator, and trainer.


Personal Growth


Spain, United States

I am an IPEC certified leadership coach and training consultant with over 12 years experience working with individuals and organizations to drive impact and professional development.

My mission is to unlock transformative experiences for my clients to create lasting change and resilient leadership. My teaching methodology is rooted in three pillars - authenticity, courage, and purpose. I'm focused on empowering female professionals to navigate challenging transitions, find fulfillment, and step into their power.

I'm trained in international business, leadership coaching, transformational breathwork - pulling from my vast and diverse experience working with executives and wellness professionals to bring forth the authentic leader that resides within. I also integrate principles of neuroscience, mind-body work, and expressive arts to help clients handle stressful situations

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Accepting our unique diversity and integrating that into our story and experience is an opportunity for all of us to learn and grow from each other and build a world that welcomes compassionate and curious conversations.

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