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I am a coach & innovation expert. I coach women, lead retreats & make cool stuff.


Personal Growth


France, United Kingdom

I see a world of brave, brilliant, well-tooled women who know, love and honour themselves deeply enough to share their greatest gifts with the world. As a Transformation Coach, Adventure Leader and Innovation Expert, it's my mission to walk alongside badass women through the inner and outer wilderness, listening to the full aliveness that's calling them forward. I work across Europe doing 1-to-1 coaching, facilitating women's circles, consulting with forward-thinking teams, hosting outdoor retreats and creating meaningful things. I live in the French Alps where, when not working, you can mostly find me with my family and friends, moving through the mountains on legs, bikes and snowboards.

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Diversity is the lesson that nature teaches. The wild world is an intricate network of billions of life forms - entangling, co-evolving, always moving together, working together and trying to find harmony in a chaotic and challenging context. There is never a 'perfect balance' but the inclusivity and exploration of all its component parts is what leads to a thriving ecosystem. We too, as a human network, must include, explore and celebrate our diversity in order to create strong communities. So too with us as individuals, we must embrace our multiplicity - our strength and tenderness, our intellect and our humility, our love and our boundaries... And all the shades in between. I'm here for a big life, with as many adventures that I can have. To do that, I am committed to a curious and compassionate outlook that includes as much as I can see, hear, feel, process and hold.

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