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A somatic intuitive and guide who helps women reclaim their power and inner knowing.


Spirituality & Esoteric Practices


Canada, United States

Cailin feels blessed to have discovered the life changing medicine of womb consciousness. She is excited for women everywhere to reconnect with the power and wisdom of their wombs, simultaneously restoring and harmonizing our bodies and our world. An ever evolving student of both magic and art, Cailin’s offerings are a cross between shamanic and tantric cosmologies. Honouring nature, eros, and the vast unseen world within and without. A lifelong student of energy, she has experienced numerous initiations and lessons in her journeying. Guided to fully embody her intuition, healing, power and creativity she now supports others in doing the same. Cailin is dedicated to a life of depth and love and is ready to help guide your womb awakening. Cailin leads immersive journeys, women’s circles and private mentorship in empowerment and magic. Simple and powerful techniques to live by.

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Years ago while studying permaculture i uncovered a meaning for the word diversity that i still apply to my life, that word is resilience. i learned that when an ecosystem is diverse it is more likely to withstand challenge and to thrive in it's interdependency and abundance. A diversity of strengths, gifts, ways of knowing, and ways of being make us stronger and makes global harmony possible. My life has felt like an intuitively guided adventure full of surprises and growth edges and I feel blessed to draw much inspiration from people from all walks of life who are listening deeply and leading uniquely authentic lives.

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