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(Chu) Wakefield

Anna Teresa

Serial Entrepreneur | Commercial Founder | Mental Health | Psychedelics


Healthcare & Medicine


Portugal, United Kingdom

As a commercial founder, my passion lies in building and scaling social-purpose companies. It has been an honour to have helped steward a number of impactful businesses in to the world - most recently Wavepaths, a therapeutic music platform increasing the safety & efficacy of psychedelic medicine in Western clinical settings.

My current focus is on improving recovery rates for women with eating disorders through Ianthe House - integrated recovery living for women through and beyond eating disorder recovery.

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Originally from London, I now live in Portugal. I feel at home travelling and making meaningful connections across cultures - from building micro-enterprises with youth groups and widow cooperatives in East Africa, to integrating with fishing communities as a fighter for a Muay Thai gym in Thailand. Being mixed race, I am fascinated by the construct of identity. I am driven to continually evolve as ever more expansive and inclusive whilst remaining humble and ever curious in the face of perceived difference.

A history of child abuse and C-PTSD has led me on a lifelong path of trauma healing through somatic therapies. My professional and personal life are both focused on the work of reconnection to ourselves, each other and the natural world - whether through self-work, entrepreneurship, or simply committing to more meaningful, authentic and compassionate conversations day by day.

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