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Attesi Lodge, Estado de Mexico

EQVILIBRO Transformational Retreat



How can we create a world with more balance? That is the mission that drives us at E Q V I L I B R O. Our retreats are meant to help balance our inner self through deep workshops and experiences, all guided by experts in their own field. Held in a gorgeous glamping 90 mins away from CDMX, in this retreat we will explore blockages in our body and how to unlock the energy stuck within. Our facilitators will also guide us through the dynamics of our family system and how to identify its impact on our mind and body. We will learn how to have more reciprocity with nature through regenerative agriculture. These workshops will be combined with powerful experiences: Temazcal, sound healing, ice bath, holotropic breathing, cacao ceremony, hike in the mountain and more. Join us in this journey!

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