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Housing Ethos & Guidelines

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Our Housing Community Ethos & Guidelines aim to create a unique and harmonious experience specific to housing related discussions within Hermanas. Participants are invited to share, exchange, and connect with each other regarding all housing matters.

Our Housing Community is committed to providing safe and respectful spaces. We embrace positive interactions, responsible conduct, and mutual respect among all participants.

Kindly note that our general community Ethos also apply within our Housing Communities for a unified experience. We reserve the right to remove individuals from the Communities in case of violation of our Ethos & Guidelines.

Please read with presence.


  • Engage in respectful and considerate communication to foster a welcoming environment.

  • Take care of our sisters' homes as if it were yours. Pay for agreed services and treat everyone and their space with the greatest respect.

  • Adhere to the provided guidelines and posting format for effective communication within the community.

  • Refrain from any form of harassment, bullying, or threatening behaviour towards other members.


  • Ensure fairness, transparency, and integrity in all your interactions.

  • Respect the intimacy of our space. Do not share personal information without consent.

  • Own your messages. Avoid using the spaces on someone else's behalf. Invite trusted women to join our Housing Communities.

  • Prioritize safety within the community by promptly reporting any inappropriate behavior or content encountered.

  • Request a security deposit for unforeseen cancellations or damages.



  • Respect others' privacy. Protect your own information and report any suspicious activity.

  • Take personal responsibility for all contractual agreements, dispute resolutions, and financial transactions made within the community. Handle conflicts and agreements responsibly, engaging all involved parties for amicable resolutions.

  • Do not spam the space by sending unsolicited promotional content or chain messages to prevent clutter and annoyance. Do not engage in or promote scams, phishing attempts, or fraudulent schemes.

  • Participants must be at least 18 years old to join the community.

How to post your space

  • Recommended: a PDF format, to facilitate easy viewing and navigation for all. Video files or one-single image with text can also be used.

  • Not recommend: voice messages, these are too personal and in such big groups many do not seem to listen.

  • Ensure the information provided is accurate, fair and easily accessible.

  • Think of important details to include to your listings:

    • Detailed Property Description

    • High-Quality Visuals

    • Location Details

    • Availability & Pricing

    • Furnishing & Utilities

    • Contact Information

    • Deposit Details

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