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Reclaiming Feminine Power: Embodiment Workshop for Women in Lisbon

Wellness & Wellbeing


In this transformative 2-hour experience, we will learn embodied practices to help them shed the "nice girl" conditioning and step into their true power. Through a combination of movement, meditation, discussion and group exercises, we will:
1. Identify the ways in which the "nice girl" shows up and how it holds us back from our true desires.
2. Learn to set healthy boundaries and communicate our needs with clarity and confidence.
3. Discover embodied practices to cultivate self-love, self-trust, and self-expression.
4. Connect with our intuition and inner wisdom to guide their choices and actions.
5. Develop a balanced approach to relationships and success that honours their own needs and desires.
6. Create a supportive sisterhood of like-minded women who are committed to their growth and empowerment.

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