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Free Webinar: Healing Your Inner Child's Wounds

Wellness & Wellbeing


Have you experienced dysfunctional parents as role models for love?

Is there a strong yearning to be loved and be in the company of others?

How would life be if you successfully reprogram your inner child?

Learn from a trauma coach trained in 14 healing techniques with real life experiences of overcoming abuse and breakthrough results for burnt out high achievers.

Here's what you'll learn from this live webinar...

Part 1: Why you're feeling lost and stuck in your inner child's trauma.

Part 2: How the wounded masculine and feminine role models in your family dynamic imprints the programming of your wounded child.

Part 3: Receive the inner child's light language healing transmission.

Part 4: Invitation to go on a multidimensional inner child healing journey in my online course.

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