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Erotic Communication - learn how to play, express your desires

Wellness & Wellbeing


Erotic communication is an art and a science. You can learn it. Discover the incredible power of communication and learn to speak erotically to awaken desire, seduce, play, lead, and excite your partner. David Mears, a renowned and trusted coach whom we, a women community Feel, absolutely love, will lead you through the five clear layers that make the 'dirty talk' really work: 1. Sensations 2. Imagination 3. Commands 4. Ownership 5. Humiliation / Degradation (don’t use this concept until you learn how to work with it in a respectful and consensual way). By the end of this workshop, you'll possess a comprehensive toolbox of sensual communication skills to create a more vibrant and passionate relationship and enhance your intimacy.

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