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Sensorial essays on feminism, art, ecology, mythology, social justice, and emotions. Infused with embodied practices, playlists, herbal potions, rituals, spells, and poems. Your dose of poetic antidotes to systemic issues.


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WAVES is a knowledge powerhouse for anyone who wants to question the paradigms we live in through a process rooted in care, joy, and beauty. By infusing feminist theory, ecology, social justice, ritual, spells, curated content, and playlists, WAVES caters to a wide audience of people who want to decondition and question oppressive systems.

Each newsletter contains a series of sensorial elements - stimulating sound, smell, taste, and touch- as well as embodiment exercises because our bodies are fundamentally in the process of dismantling oppressive systems.

You will learn about unpacking all topics from sex, to beauty, to sex, to death and more.

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