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At tautanz, we embrace your well-being. Focusing on the best nature offers for our bodies and minds, tautanz creates all-natural products and experiences that honor natural beauty and wellness.


Wellness & Well-Being



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tautanz was established in 2019 having well-being for body, mind, and the environment in mind.

We only use natural ingredients and enduring materials to reconnect with the beauty of nature and our inherent self.

All our products are handmade by experienced pharmacists and artisans in the heart of Portugal. We value premium quality made under fair and responsible conditions. The ingredients for our products are primarily sourced from suppliers in Portugal, while our linen comes from a family-owned company in the North of France and is certified with the MASTERS OF LINEN®, EUROPEAN FLAX® & OEKO-TEX® certificates.

Giving back is very important to us. We donate a minimum of 1% of our monthly profits to The Ocean Cleanup to support their mission.

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