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Isabel Theissen - Life Coaching

Do you currently feel lost, stuck, or overwhelmed?

I will help you to

- Figure out your true purpose

- Create a more prosperous career
- Have better relationships
- Feel more confident
- Elevate your well-being

Let’s be in conversation!


Personal Growth



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I am committed to helping you create your future from the future.

We focus on how to get you from where you are in your life now (career, relationships, well-being) to where you want to be (success, prosperity, joy).

Consider this a reset, where you let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore and start creating a new, prosperous life you deeply love.

“A session with Isabel feels like that first sip of coffee in the morning that sparks a burst of inspiration. She empowers you to step into your gifts, she challenges you to move past your edges, and gently shows you how to step into what you are truly capable of. ” - Tessa, New York

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