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EmpowerHer: Breaking free

Sofia Souiri is an award wining resilience coach and integrative psychotherapist BACP.Stephanie Carinia is clinical psychology & post- graduate degree in Clinical psychology at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is a registered CBT, EMDR & MBT therapist.


Wellness & Well-Being


United Kingdom

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In this program you will learn:
✔️How to spot signs of narcissistic abuse
✔️How the psyche of a narcissist works
✔️How you got caught in this dynamic
✔️How to get out of this dynamic
✔️How to deal with your need for validation
✔️How to deal with gaslighting
✔️How to speak up effectively
✔️How to build self-esteem and self-confidence
✔️How to develop coping skills and resilience
✔️How to prevent and deal with relapse
✔️How to attract healthy relationships

Weekly online psycho-education group
Weekly online coaching group

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