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Manufacturing & Supply Chain


Mexico / Chile

My curiosity and my desire to experience the world made me move to Mexico where I constantly find creative inspiration to develop my projects and connect with others. I like to learn and grow in spiritual, creative, and business areas, looking for a balance between them. My experience of more than 10 years working in startups and having my own business led me to the opportunity to start providing consulting services in the areas of profit and business development to support creative entrepreneurs to growth. I am interested in working with projects that generate a positive impact and Hermanas is definitely one of them.

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I think that my lifestyle is unconventional, I'm a curious person that is always looking for new challenges, wanting to learn about new cultures and improving my habits to be more conscious, healthy and discovering my creative power. For this path has been very important to create community and learn from others.

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How do you think you can contribute to the community? What do you feel you are an expert in and could give advice to the community on? Would you like to mentor in any area of expertise?
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