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Tonya TBird




Mexico, United States

Tbird Luv, a music and arts force, blends classical expertise from Carnegie Mellon with world music and dance skills from CalArts. As a Transformative Arts Facilitator, she empowers creatives globally. Her programs earned recognition on TEDx stages, Festival Au Desert, and more. Beyond art, she champions connected leadership, honored with the Advanced Arts & Leadership award.

Tbird Luv doesn't stop at the stage; she builds self-sustaining eco orphanages worldwide, starting in Uganda. Her workshops produce tangible results, boosting income and clarity. She mentors entrepreneurs, artists, and educators, sparking massive action.

Her enchanting presence radiates peace, inspiring unique gifts for a better world. She's a trailblazing advocate for authentic self-expression, a vital creative voice. Seek inspiration, guidance, and transformation with Tbird Luv as your mentor; unlock your potential and make an impact.

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In 2020, when COVID-19 took the world by storm, followed closely in the US by the George Floyd riots, an eruption of anger, violence, “othering” and fear swept the country. Yet even as the breakdown began, a surge of breakthrough energy emerged, creating an opportunity to take charge of shaping the future and inspiring a new world. So I put together a small group of volunteers and launched a 5-day live-streamed donation-based event called, The Impossible Summit. We built it in 5 weeks which was considered insane -- but we wanted to model what it takes to engage impossible ideas.
It featured over 51 luminaries of various sectors from all over the world who have done and are doing seemingly impossible things. We showcased heart-centered projects and provided a series of practical workshops for those wanting to actualize their own dreams. The goal was to use the power of togetherness to move humanity forward. It was beautiful.
Also in response to the toxicity happening in the US, a few days before the 2020 Presidential election, I launched another Impossible Summit focused on how to turn an adversary into an ally and find common ground within our differences. The impact: how to learn to love people we don’t like.
Despite never doing something like this before -- I did and made it into a success.

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