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Trauma-Trained Somatic Practitioner + Attachment Specialist


Wellness & Well-Being


Spain, Portugal

Bicultural, curious + creative world-traveling human creating magic through living well. I am fascinated by interconnectivity and our innate healing capacity and love ceremony/ritual, nature time and can spend hours nerding out on food/nutrition, herbalism, spirituality, music + art.

Professionally, I'm a somatic specialist focused on early developmental, ancestral, inter-generational, bicultural, and relational trauma and human attachment. I am trained in concrete ways to support our nervous systems as relational beings, identify and shift behavioral and emotional patterns, and honor our interconnected and interdependent experiences as human beings. I also integrate the knowledge and tools gained from 16 years spent working with indigenous teachers of various traditions, and my many years of experience as an embodied movement facilitator and wilderness rites of passage guide.

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I grew up in a bicultural environment in an immigrant household transposed between two diametrically opposed cultures, which I feel gave me a unique perspective of bridging cultures and feeling most at home out in the world. Growing up in a part of the world that was full of diversity, I was naturally curious about all the other cultures, foods, languages I was surrounded by and as an adult, went on to live in other countries and cultures. I've never really lived a conventional life - I was always drawn to living outside the norms of society.

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