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Designer & Audiovisual Artist


Art & Culture


France, Germany

I am a Greek-Spanish designer and audiovisual artist, currently based between Paris and Berlin. My work lies at the intersection of design, sound and photography. My work lies at the intersection of design, sound and photography. I have been working as a photographer for the music industry for the past ten years, as well as a designer for both cultural institutions and innovation-led projects. In 2019 I cofounded Bolk to collaborate with fellow creatives on a variety of different projects and started teaching design in different universities and institutions. As an artist, I use photography, sound and installation to explore the interpenetration of image, body and space, to reclaim and heal. As a sound artist I explore experimental, spoken word and downtempo movements, all intertwined with readings, field recordings and lectures from recent photography-related research.

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Upbringing: Greek-Spanish born in Belgium
Work: as an artist is influenced by readings such as Les Guerillères, Cyberfeminsim and more recently Ecofeminism. Currently working on the subject of the home and exile, through the interpenetration of myth & architecture, under the supervision of PhD photographer Lila Neutre. I have also been involved in different projects directly related to the subject, such as Unbias, in collaboration with feminist collective SISTA (@wearesista_) and architects Plastique Fantastique (@plastique.fantastique)

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