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Branding, Marketing, Advertising, PR


Mexico, United Kingdom

Hey, I'm Sami! I'm all about building businesses that empower others and making a positive impact. I thrive on connecting with genuine people who share my values and creating meaningful relationships.
In my spare time, I'm always exploring new hobbies and seeking personal growth opportunities. I'm constantly working on improving myself.
As a virtual assistant, I lead a small team that specializes in project management, operations, graphic design, and admin tasks. I focus on supporting women entrepreneurs with online businesses, particularly those offering courses or books.
Looking ahead, my dream is to continue supporting others in growing their businesses and making a difference in the world. I believe that together, we can create a better future.
One of my proudest achievements has been building my business from the ground up and growing it to where I am now. I'm excited to share that I'm about to embark on a collaboration with a highly influential TEDx speaker who has over 4 million followers.
As a member of this community, my goal is to contribute my expertise, connect with fellow members, and foster meaningful collaborations. I'm truly passionate about uplifting others and making a positive impact.
I'm excited to be part of this community and look forward to connecting with you all!

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There was a significant moment in my life when I did something different and it had a big impact on me and others. I decided to leave my home in the UK and go on an adventure of traveling and self-discovery. Growing up wasn't easy for me, and I was often unhappy, taking out my frustrations on others and myself.
But one day, I had enough and made a bold choice. I bought a one-way ticket to Australia, signifying the start of a life-changing journey. It's been about eight years since then, and I've changed a lot. Though I still face personal struggles, I can't imagine who I would be if I hadn't taken that leap. Right now, I'm in Mexico, running my own online business.
Not everyone agreed with my decision to leave, and some thought I would come back home soon. But here I am, years later, showing them that I stuck to my path. My choice to travel and explore has inspired others and made them think about their own lives. They see that going against the norm can lead to personal growth and fulfillment.
Looking back, I'm grateful for the person I've become and the determination that pushed me forward. Despite my ongoing struggles, I know I've grown a lot. I wouldn't be the same if I hadn't embraced this unconventional journey.
This experience has shaped my character, made me stronger, and taught me to never give up on my dreams. Each day, I appreciate the freedom that comes with living unconventionally and how it can have a positive impact on myself and the people around me.

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How do you think you can contribute to the community? What do you feel you are an expert in and could give advice to the community on? Would you like to mentor in any area of expertise?
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