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Writer, crafting meaningful narratives, helping brands & people identify their why





I love words and stories. Poetry is my inner fire and helping others discover their "Why" is my current mission. I dream to love and be loved. To see beauty everywhere I am able to go. To encounter divinity in form. And to feel the wholeness ancient philosophers speak of. This is my holy grail. In more common speak, I am a communications and personal development coach and modern day mystic.

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Born in Dominican Republic, of Palestinian, Spanish and African heritage --- diversity abounds me. It is my DNA and the reason my soul has pulled me to so many far corners of the world. Diversity is what stimulates my heart and mind. Language, the sound of a voice, the flavors of new cultures and their delicacies. The unapologetic expression of individuality everywhere you go and meeting the freedom seekers. This, to me, is one of the keys to expansion in this game of life I would say. Diversity is what propels us forward to places our mind never knew existed.

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