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I´m a brand specialist, developing innovative and creative brands within tech.


Branding, Marketing, Advertising, PR


Spain, Sweden

I´m a curious and open-minded Swede who recently relocated to Barcelona for work. I have a passion for travel, meeting new people, and gaining new perspectives. Even though I love to see new places, nurturing meaningful relationships with those I care about is a high priority in my life. In my free time, I enjoy practicing yoga, exploring the fascinating realm of psychology, savoring diverse cuisines, and indulging in the world of wine. My professional journey has been centered around branding, a field that aligns with my fascination with psychology, innovation, and creativity. I have had the opportunity to work in agency, nonprofit, and client-side settings, drawing upon my expertise to shape brands in a meaningful way.

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I am always open to learning from new sources and people, both privately (due to my curiosity) and within my field of work, to help me broaden my horizons and develop a more inclusive worldview. A necessity to be able to build interesting communication and brands.

Challenging my assumptions and beliefs continuously is important to me. One way this has showcased itself is by founding a nonprofit organization that analyses the political discourse around migration in Sweden, to provide data and foster a discussion about what needs to change.

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