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I use art to iluminate universal aspects of the human experiences encompassing the realms of body, mind, and spirit.


Art & Culture


Spain, Portugal

Starting with the very labels I was given and those I gave myself, so we can find a common ground and connect. My name is Paola. I was born in Colombia, raised in Brazil, and have Italian-Lebanese roots. I went to business school, but in the middle of my studies, I understood that something wasn't making much sense. So, I decided to choose paths that resonated with what would make me happy rather than what was considered more noble at the time. Once I did that, I never stopped, and that's how I ended up in Europe, developing a career as an artist, which is the closest name found to describe what I do. What I am really doing, though, is searching for balance using presence practices in order to find the sweet spot of liberation, where I am not controlled by my mind.

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Traveling, living with many people in different houses, and spending a considerable amount of time alone provided me with a balance of facing challenges around conflict in relationships and reflecting on them. It took me some time to unravel the whys, whos, and hows of handling diverse mindsets and it took me more time to recognize the other as part of myself. The way out was really contemplating forgiveness and acceptance, which ended up fostering a deep sense of compassion for myself and others as a consequence.

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