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Illustrator, Visual Artist, Graphic Designer




Portugal, Mexico

I'm Nour, a Lebanese-French illustrator, graphic designer and multidisciplinary artist. My work focuses on feminine empowerment, popular culture, animism, mysticism and nature. I am passionate about using art as an educational tool to encourage reflection, social and ecological awareness, and facilitate connection with ourselves, each other and the planet, while celebrating diversity and beauty.

I created Draw Me a Song, an award-winning brand of art prints and home decor that is sold by over 18 distribution partners, and has been expanded to other media, including board games, coloring books and children's books.

I collaborate with clients in a wide variety of fields—arts, culture, education, business, technology, charities, advertising, and industries focused on women, children, or the environment—to create art to support their work and help them visually express their values.

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Growing up as a multicultural child in many different places, as well as being a nomad for the last 7 years, diversity has always been a central part of my lived experience. Being a creative and highly curious and exploratory person, I also deeply value diversity of thought and exploring diverse ways of being.

I have always embraced unconventionality, being a freelance artist and never having a conventional job or career, and tend to gravitate towards equally unconventional people and communities.

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