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Wellness & Well-Being


United States, Mexico

I'm an International Writer, Artist, Teacher + Creative Entrepreneur passionate about Holistic Wellness and Creative Embodiment. I've lived in 6 countries and traveled through 30+, exploring myself and life through spiritual and creative means. My style of being in the world is intentional, (com)passionate, idealistic, trauma-informed, pleasure-centered, and wisdom-centered; these attributes are woven throughout my art and projects, the programs I create, and the way I work with my communities. I am a writing teacher of 11+ years and a yoga teacher, highlighting how our bodies are portals to unique wisdom and deeper authenticity. Through my work and passions, I hope other beings will gain a deeper relation to themselves, a sense of community, and more access to ‘aha’ moments leading us all to greater personal and spiritual enlightenment.

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I guess it started with my obsession with art, creativity, and fashion as a young person. My Nigerian background has held excellence as a pillar of belonging since before my parents' generation. But it usually had doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, engineer attached to it. I began to define what creative excellence meant to me from a young age and always veered right when others in my family were veering left. Soon after graduating from fashion school for university, I moved overseas to teach English in Korea and writing in Abu Dhabi and constantly got the "what are you even doing out there anyway?" comments from family and old friends. During the pandemic, I ended my job in Abu Dhabi and took on a more direct nomadic experience through Mexico with a stint in Portugal, where I committed to my path as a creative being positioned here on this Earth to support others in experiencing their fullness, their wellness, through creative expression and embodiment. I find that those who were the most confused about my journey in the past are interested in knowing how I seem so grounded and confident in my journey now. They see me as a liberated being, assured, trusting of Life, and radiant with a uniqueness. This is the feedback I receive now, after some public successes with my creative, wellbeing, and professional practices. I'd say my life and path are calling me to see what beauty lies in unconventionality and to guide others to their own unique journeys of creation and transformation.

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How do you think you can contribute to the community? What do you feel you are an expert in and could give advice to the community on? Would you like to mentor in any area of expertise?
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