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Tayelor Kennedy is a wellness and beauty expert. Kennedy trained with Yolanda Moore, CEO of LeMon MPI, for her scientific and color theory knowledge in Migropigmentation and color theory. She earned her aesthetic certification through Christine Valmy International and The International Dermal Institute.

Early in her career, Tayelor worked with Dr. Perricone working with the Connecticut Teen Pageant Association. Kennedy also worked as a makeup artist for the legendary Pointer Sisters and the iconic rock band Aerosmith. As a trusted and recognized beauty expert, Tayelor has contributed articles to,, Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa,, and

A lover of the outdoors, Tayelor currently lives between Colorado and the Caribbean.

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Ha! Probably my whole life is unconventional. I packed up my condo and got on a train and moved to Colorado without knowing anyone. A few years later I packed up and moved to Tulum without knowing anyone. My life has become much richer having to leave a new language, trust my intuition as well as people I didn’t have any history with. My family was not comfortable with my choices but they have adapted.

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