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I have a holistic facial massage business. Support the skin's natural healing ability


Wellness & Well-Being


Portugal, United Kingdom

Born and bred in sunny South Africa, I consider myself a grounded girl who loves the simple things in life. Words that resonate with who I am are: Wholesome, joyful, nature, kindness and humanity. Travel has always formed a big part of my life thus far, having lived in London for over 8 years, allowing me to explore various parts of beautiful Europe. I now find myself living in Lisbon, Portugal for the next chapter of my life.

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Having grown up in South Africa, a very diverse country, - rich in cultures and poverty - embracing unconventional ways and diversity is at many South African’s core. My exposure to living in the energetic and hustling ways of the city of London for many years, has also instilled a sense of open-mindedness and authenticity in me. I have been lucky enough to have been raised in a loving household with both parents being accepting and interested in other ways of life too. My travel experiences across the globe and especially time spent in both Asia and India, naturally would crack open a new sense of self and understanding for many.

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