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I host yoga retreats for moms and kids


Wellness & Well-Being



I'm Brazilian living in Lisbon with my German partner and two daughters. With 15 years of experience in corporate events and hospitality worldwide, we've settled in Portugal after living in three different countries.

In 2021, I founded Mind The Mom after experiencing maternal burnout, realizing the importance of self-care. I also became a certified Retreat Leader and started hosting retreats for Mothers & Children in southern Portugal.

In 2023, I earned my qualification as a Yoga teacher after completing the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

I'm passionate about personal development, mindfulness, and neuroscience, and I integrate these into my retreats to create an environment of connection, relaxation, and growth.

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I embrace diversity by celebrating the unique backgrounds, races, and experiences of those around me. I thrive on exploring unconventional paths and seeking out new perspectives.

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