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Branding, Marketing, Advertising, PR



"I am all about balance, I value love, trust, harmonious relations and authenticity. I am also drawn to beauty, fun experiences and creativity.

Art and gastronomy are part of my Parisian DNA, I have first worked in luxury marketing, and later on discovered the world of wellness and personal development, up to the point of becoming a yoga teacher and teacher trainer, leading coaching workshops and retreats.

I am French, I grew up in Paris, and lived in Marseille, Barcelona, New York, Shanghai, Bordeaux and now plan to settle in Mexico city. I am passionate about traveling and I love discovering new cultures, languages, lifestyles. I keep lists of addresses and tips from all the places I have lived in or travelled to, to share with my network."

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Back in 2018, I quit my well-paid marketing job in Shanghai to teach yoga in France for the past 5 years. Today, I am creating a new life in Mexico, and I am open to a fresh career start. I am proud of my unconventional life choices, especially considering my traditional upbringing. It isn’t an easy path but it’s mine and I embrace fully all of its adventures!

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